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And you think it means everything that’s not usual or abnormal!!

Illusion is such an integral part of all our lives, that though not difficult but we never give it a thought to separate it from facts. How many times have you heard about some road accident and still never thought of the same happening to you and rode comfortably on road? Heard about domestic violence in innumerable news channels and papers and thought it to be distant from your reality? Thought yourself to be unaffected by terrorism, until sometime back?

Why does it seem that we can’t be cheated, be victim of the riots we watch sitting comfortably in our couch? Why doesn’t the reality of situation in earthquake affected Haiti disturb us? Somebody who has been affected by such a calamity might relate to it, but we can’t, coz we don’t feel it, we are happy with changing the channel coz it didn’t or will not happen to us.

Before you contradict me, revisit the thoughts in your mind while on a bike. It’s your confidence tha…

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