And you think it means everything that’s not usual or abnormal!!

Illusion is such an integral part of all our lives, that though not difficult but we never give it a thought to separate it from facts. How many times have you heard about some road accident and still never thought of the same happening to you and rode comfortably on road? Heard about domestic violence in innumerable news channels and papers and thought it to be distant from your reality? Thought yourself to be unaffected by terrorism, until sometime back?

Why does it seem that we can’t be cheated, be victim of the riots we watch sitting comfortably in our couch? Why doesn’t the reality of situation in earthquake affected Haiti disturb us? Somebody who has been affected by such a calamity might relate to it, but we can’t, coz we don’t feel it, we are happy with changing the channel coz it didn’t or will not happen to us.

Before you contradict me, revisit the thoughts in your mind while on a bike. It’s your confidence that makes you ride comfortably agreed, but where does that confidence come from, the thought that nothing can happen to you?!? How can one be confident about skills of others on the same road, they can be cause of the accident. But when we gossip about some accident on the road, we never imagine it happening to us. I don’t blame you, of course how miserable it would have been if you were constantly under the fear that your chances of being hit are as much as the person who was hit and was in newspaper the same morning!!!

My friend who drives bike very well and is very quick in moving through traffic at high speed, without wearing helmet, told me the other day that he was very confident of going smooth and would never skid. I hope he doesn’t, but I really would want to know if those who meet with road accidents thought they were going to be hit. Was it really their driving skills?

Let’s not narrow our point of view and think of the aspect of illusion only in this context. How about smoking? Would someone who smokes 4-5 cigarettes a day think that he has very high chances of getting lung cancer? Or would he just ignore the FACT and be contented with his illusion that he just might get lucky and may not get lung cancer after all?

Well, I leave you to think of that... Am happy with the illusion that you have understood the point!


Anand Shankar said…
You are correct. In general, human mind cannot be in a state of complete awareness, for that state is sublime and hence insanely arduous. Illusion is,therefore, a tool for pacifying the consciousness.

Illusion can be considered as a superset of mundane ignorance. One who is prepared all the time and ignores ignorance can never be deluded. But as they say, Ignorance is bliss. Who does not want 'bliss' and who does not want it to come in least effort?
Ignore the comment to stay where you were. :)
Dexter said…
hey ... loong brk.. but gud that u r bak... write more often!

we all live such inconsistent lives na.....
Shobha said…
the idea of the article was not to say that illusion is something not good. It was just to make one aware how important it is to our lives.

It was not to make one feel guilty, it was just something to think about. I found the idea interesting,so just wrote it down.

wasn't sure how it will be received. good to know i wasn't misunderstood :) Thanks guys!
Maddy said…
yes truely said darling!!writing after a long brk??relishing ur post :)
btw, hows ur health?alright?

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